Welcome to Hallow


This blog is something that I have been wanting to create for a loonnngggg time now. 2 years kind of long time to be exact.

But I have a problem.

I need everything to be perfect. It’s an obsession I have. It’s bad, but I am gradually getting better.

You see for the past 2 years I have been working on this blog, but I never actually created the blog. For the past 2 years I have been researching non-stop about blogs. Like I have notebooks FULL of information you guys. I have read numerous books on blogging and business. I have taken various online courses that would help me in the blogging space. Attended some webinars. Talked to a few bloggers. You guys get the picture.

The point is…

I am not messing around.

I have invested too much time and money to be anything but serious at this point.

My goal for this blog is to create a space that helps people turn their current living situation into their dream home.

You see, I full heartedly believe that you don’t need to be living in your dream home to CREATE your dream home. You can turn pretty much any space into your dream home, you just have to know what you are doing.

And that, is what Hallow is for.


Hallow is here to teach you – even if you are the most design challenged person – how to make your space beautiful, but more importantly, how to make it yours.

And I will leave you with that as I end my first EVER blog post (I’m silently screaming from excitement inside).

Thank you for reading and make sure you check back so you can learn all my tips and tricks!

I gotta say, it feels great to finally be staring at this screen and typing an actual real life blog post.


12 thoughts on “Welcome to Hallow

  1. I love the color scheme, and the texture and sparkle in the photos you chose, it’s very you, pretty and chic. (: I’m so happy you finally posted, and I can’t wait to read all your tips and tricks, your going to do great!


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