Tour the New Apartment

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Hello again! Today I am going to give you a very real and honest look at my current living situation. I recently moved back to Scranton, Pennsylvania and if you read my last post then you know that it was no easy task to find this apartment. It took a lot of time, effort, and energy but it was definitely all worth it because this new apartment is GORGEOUS!!!

Hardwood floors, obnoxiously high ceilings, woodwork that is to die for, beautiful solid wood doors, vintage crystal knobs, oh and did I mention crown molding?

The list goes on, but I’ll let you see the rest with your own eyes…

Now, before I go any further I just want to add a little disclaimer: The images you are about to see are not pretty, there are boxes in many of them and tools strewn about. You may even see some painting projects going on in the background.


I wanted to be honest with you guys, after all I did just move in.

I think it would be misleading if I were to take pictures without the mess and act like I already have everything set up and put together. No one’s apartment looks amazing after they move in, so I am not going to post pictures that makes it seem like I am the exception to that rule.

With that, I will leave you to tour my new (and slightly hectic) apartment!

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This picture is taken from standing in the dining room doorway, the double doors that you see is the entrance to the apartment. The smaller door towards the right is a huge storage closet that we are currently using to house some (we have a lot) of our shoes.
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This is a different view of the entryway, it was taken from the living room doorway. The door to the left is our coat closet – one of the highlights of this apartment is the MASSIVE amount of storage it offers. The doorway you see past that leads into the dining room and the door that is facing you leads to our bathroom.
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Next, I will take you into our dining room. This was taken from the doorway off the entryway. In this picture you’ll notice why I felt the need to add that disclaimer.
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This view was taken from the kitchen doorway. I LOVE the little wall sconces that are centered on the wall, this will definitely make for a cool gallery wall area.
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This is the other side of the dining room, I love the gorgeous thick molding that is around all of the doorways! It is one of the reasons I fell in love with this apartment. The doorway you see there leads into the kitchen.
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This is the view you have when you first enter our kitchen, it is a galley style kitchen and is rather large even though it comes across small in this picture.
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This is the counter space we have, the kitchen is nice but really nothing too special. I am planning on changing that – as you can see I already started on that by adding colored glass bottles above the cabinets.
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This is the other half of the kitchen. The door on the left is another entrance to our apartment, the door in the middle is a GIANT storage closet, and the open door on the right leads back to the dining room.
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This is a view of the bathroom which is located directly off the entryway, unfortunately due to it’s size I am limited to the different views I can take of it for you guys.
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View of the living room from my sister’s bedroom. The fireplace is a great focal point, I am so excited to dress it up! It has gorgeous gray marble all around the opening.
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View of the living room from my bedroom, in this picture you can see the entrance to the room which is off of the entryway.
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And here it is from the back wall. I plan on redoing that bookcase and dresser which I will turn into a tutorial for the blog! Can’t wait to share with you guys.

Okay you guys, that about wraps up the apartment tour!

The reason why I didn’t show you my bedroom is because it is almost fully done at this point so I am saving that reveal for another post. BUT JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE IT! It’s very neutral with metallic accents and touches of pink.

I can’t wait to show you guys.

Thanks for reading and following along! I promise that these are the ugliest pictures you will ever see on this blog lol

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