A Learning a Experience

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As I am preparing for my bedroom reveal I am trying to gather the last few items I need, one of which happens to be a rug. Which is why exactly a week ago I wrote about my search for the perfect neutral rug.

I shared 6 of my picks and asked which one YOU would choose. The majority of people responded that they would pick option 3, which was actually what I was leaning towards.

So I ordered it.

I was SOOOOO excited for it to come, I literally checked tracking everyday.

Twice a day.

Fast forward a week later and I was feeling really disappointed when I realized I would have to return it – sigh. The rug itself is really nice, however, it was slightly different coloring than the online image.

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The coloring of the rug wouldn’t be a problem in my room IF I wasn’t already so attached to my Home Goods rug. My $16 Home Goods rug has a white pattern on it, the RugsUSA rug has a more grayish pattern on it. When you see them side by side, it just doesn’t look right. They kind of compete with each other.

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You probably think I am being dramatic but I swear that picture doesn’t even do it justice, it looks awful in person. Plus there are these black hairs (really thread but eww) woven all over the top of the rug. Like it looks like actual human hair you guys. It really grosses me out and I think if those black hairs weren’t all over the top it would help the rug be a little less gray looking.

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So I have two options, I can either return the RugsUSA rug and exchange it for another option OR I can find another room or use my Home Goods rug in…

Although I won’t lie, I thought about buying a bleach pen and fixing the pattern color for myself. My sister quickly talked me down off that ledge.

Right now I am leaning towards exchanging the RugsUSA rug and keeping the Home Goods rug where it is.

The reason I decided to share this with you guys is because I want you to know that everyone makes mistakes when it comes to ordering online. Colors don’t always show up correctly, you can’t feel the material or get a sense of the texture of a product, and sometimes you jump the gun and forget to measure and then it winds up not fitting properly.

It’s inevitable.

But the lesson here is to treat every failed online shopping order as a learning experience.

For example, before ordering this rug I was debating between a 4×6 and a 5×8 rug size. After receiving this rug I now know that 4×6 is definitely the size I need for my space. I also know that I need to make sure the pattern on the rug is a crisp white instead of an off shade of white.

So there you have it, even when things don’t work out exactly as planned you can still get something good out of it.

I’ll leave today’s blog post at that, I am off to package up my rug and send it back to be exchanged. Have you had any failed online shopping experiences? I would love to hear about them in the comments below! It will make me feel a little better about this one…

And as always, thanks for reading xo

2 thoughts on “A Learning a Experience

  1. Sad to see that this rug didn’t work out, but nice to know that it taught something ánd that there still is a fitting rug out there somewhere. You’ll find it! 🙂


    1. Thanks Elvira! I actually still have it sitting in my trunk because I haven’t had time to get to a post office. Might end up having to keep it and just use the Home Goods rug somewhere else…we will see!


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