Some More Freelance Designs

Hey all! This week flew right by and I feel like I barely got the chance to breathe.


I need a minute to catch my breath.

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this feeling.

I told you through my Instagram account that this week was going to be spent wrapping up some different freelance projects I have been working on, so I thought today I would show you one I finished up yesterday.

I have a feeling you guys are really going to love it!

Before I show you the design, let me give you a little background information…


I was asked by one of my best friends, Jessica Bredbenner, to help her design a storefront for her children’s boutique called “Tiddlywinks“. Jess started Tiddlywinks less than a year ago and has already been super successful with it.

In late April she started off going to different pop up events and fairs with just a folding table. By the beginning of July she had the grand opening for her mobile boutique – an old 1970’s camper that she and her boyfriend restored by themselves. And now, just a few short months later, she is in the process of opening a storefront.

But not just ANY storefront.

Jess has a strong vision for where she wants her business to go and that means adding a unique twist to her store. For now that unique twist is being kept under wraps, but I helped design that aspect of the store too, so when it comes time I will be sure to share with you!

Above is the design board I put together for her. The great thing about working with Jess is that we both have very similar styles, if there is something one of us likes there is a 99% chance the other person will love it too! It makes designing all the more fun.

Another thing I love about working with her is that she always has Pinterest inspiration boards made for me so I have something to work off of.

For the children’s boutique design a lot of inspiration came from her mobile boutique. We obviously wanted the two to go hand in hand and stick with the brand she has worked so hard to create. The color palette being pink, turquoise, and gold.


I hope you guys enjoyed looking at the designs I put together! I had so much fun making them and will definitely share pics of how everything turns out once the store is up and running!

For more on Tiddlywinks, visit their website here, like them on Facebook here, and follow along on Instagram here.

Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for reading xo


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