A Month in Review

A month ago today I published my very first blog post.

In that month you guys have BLOWN ME AWAY!

When I started this, I made a goal for myself: get 500 readers within the first year. I was expecting to maybe get 10 readers my first month, but I wound up hitting just under my yearly goal. You have no idea how happy and excited it makes me when I check my stats and see that people are actually taking the time to read what I write. It is such a fulfilling feeling.

Processed with MOLDIV

I am forever grateful for each and every one of you that takes the time to read my blog posts, like or comment on my Instagram pictures, and favorite or retweet my tweets.

You guys are seriously the best.

There have been days where I get home from a long day of work and all I feel like doing is crawling into bed to binge watch “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” or “Vanderpump Rules”. But then I think of the amount of people I will be letting down if I don’t get a blog post up like I originally promised all of you. You guys keep me going and you make this all so worth it.

I just wanted today’s post to be an appreciation of all my readers and a review of what was on the blog this month – for those of you who only recently came across my blog.

Click the picture to open the post:

Processed with MOLDIVWelcome to HallowNov. 2nd

“This blog is something that I have been wanting to create for a loonnngggg time now. 2 years kind of long time to be exact. But I have a problem. I need everything to be perfect. It’s an obsession I have. It’s bad, but I am gradually getting better. You see for the past 2 years …”


hallow blog post 2

Finding a New Place to Call HomeNov. 4th 

“Apartment hunting can be a pain in the ass. You search on Craigslist, Zillow, and everything in between but somehow it feels like you are never really making progress.  You end up seeing the same apartments on every site because apparently every landlord in America feels the need to cross post. Plus…can we talk about …”

Processed with MOLDIV

Tour the New ApartmentNov. 7th

“Hello again! Today I am going to give you a very real and honest look at my current living situation. I recently moved back to Scranton, Pennsylvania and if you read my last post then you know that it was no easy task to find this apartment. It took a lot of time, effort, and …”





Processed with MOLDIV Shopping for the Perfect Neutral RugNov. 9th

“I am SOOOO excited to do a bedroom reveal for you guys. Like, you have no idea. I started buying things for my room months before I even knew where I would be living, I had a very clear vision of how I wanted it to look and feel. Think soft glam. At this point …”


Processed with MOLDIVCoffee Table MakeoverNov. 11th

“I love a good deal. In my opinion, it is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So I am always on the lookout for good sales/coupons/free things on the side of the road. I have ZERO shame when it comes to that stuff. I mean, the more money you save the more money you have to buy things, right? …”


Processed with MOLDIV

Some Freelance Design WorkNov. 14th

“This weekend was hectic – to say the least – between trying to get myself in order, working on a client’s house, and doing my laundry, I barely made time to relax and have fun. But I managed to squeeze some in, don’t you worry…”


Processed with MOLDIV

A Learning ExperienceNov. 16th 

“As I am preparing for my bedroom reveal I am trying to gather the last few items I need, one of which happens to be a rug. Which is why exactly a week ago I wrote about my search for the perfect neutral rug. I shared 6 of my picks and asked which one YOU …”



Some More Freelance DesignsNov. 18th

“Hey all! This week flew right by and I feel like I barely got the chance to breathe. Phew. I need a minute to catch my breath. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this feeling. I told you through my Instagram account that this week was going to be spent wrapping up …”



Pinterest Dream HomeNov. 21st

“How was everyone’s weekend? I hope you all had time to relax and unwind. Mine was extremely busy BUT so much fun! Friday night my boyfriend and I drove up to Rochester, NY to take part in a surprise party for one of my best friends. It was such a fun time, we all got to catch …”




Black Friday Deals on Home DecorNov. 25th

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year… No, I’m not talking about Christmas time. I’m talking about B L A C K  F R I D A Y The time of year where sales and specials are out of control. The time of year where you can buy new items for next to nothing. …”



Processed with MOLDIV

Unique Hidden Storage SolutionsNov. 28th

“How is everyone recovering from their Thanksgiving food coma? I hope you all had a great holiday, surrounded by friends and family! I know I did. Last week was a whirlwind – it felt like the 7 day week dragged on but at the same time it felt like I never had enough time and was …”


Processed with MOLDIV

DIY: Liner AlternativeNov. 30th

“As you guys know, I’m all for saving money. I’m constantly finding new ways to save more. That’s why today I thought it would be fun to show you one of the ways I save, through a SUPER easy DIY project! If you read this post then you remember the coffee table I refinished. This …”


Thanks again for keeping me going! So excited to see where this next month takes the blog! Love you ALL.

And as always, thanks for reading xo



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